I just finished the EA, man - what a journey that was - here's my list of suggestions (from what I can remember, anyway).


1. Item enchantment/crafting - I know you guys said you're working on it, one of the biggest drawbacks to many D&D Video Games is that they lack the robust crafting and enchantment systems that the rules allow, this makes it so finding effective and enjoyable weapons/amor in the style or type you enjoy is exceedingly difficult. It's fun to have some rare/unique weapons, but if I want to play a rogue who's dual-wielding sickles or maining a whip, that should be something I can do effectively, without being relegated to using "that one +1 whip i found at level 3".

2. More clothing options - As a warlock, I hated that i had to wear robes constantly, I'd love to wear nobles or commoners clothing, hell - even rags would be fun if my character's impoverished.

3. More companions - They do not have to be Origin options, but more companions with background and side-quests would be nice - so far the existing companions (save Gale and Wyll) all seem to be assholes.

4. Crit failures are important, currently when you critically fail (at anything) it's no different than a regular failure - I think there should be interesting effects on a critical fail, maybe I accidentally hit a nearby enemy instead, or I slip during the attack and fall prone. They don't all have to be painful to the character, but at least add something to differentiate them.

5. Give me an option to hide the results of my passive rolls, such as when a roll is automatically attempted during conversation, or a perception check is made - knowing that I failed gives me more information than I should have, also - when choosing dialogue options for a KNOWLEDGE roll, I should not be able to see the response my character will give.

6. Warn the players if they're about to go somewhere that is too dangerous for their level (I'm looking at you, phase spider queen) - have one of the followers say something about how dangerous that area is, and that they're not sure we should proceed - make a whole dialogue interaction about it!

7. "fast hands" is currently granting rogues an extra bonus action, this is allowing them to make two offhand attacks with TWF, which is a little unbalanced, also - the offhand attack from TWF seems to be applying the ability modifier to the damage, according to RAW, it shouldnt (You don't add your ability modifier to the damage of the bonus attack, unless that modifier is negative.)

8. On the topic of rogues, thieves tools should not break if you fail to pick a lock, the lock should either allow only a certain # of attempts, or the lock should break. Failing that, thieves tools should absolutely not weight 2lb each.

9. Also, rogue sneak attack damage does not appear to be scaling properly, at level 4 it should be 2d6, but in the current EA, it's stays at 1d6.

10. The section on the right where the "reactions" are located should hold ONLY reactions, stuff like the Great Weapon Master: All In should have their own section for toggling on/off, or just make them abilities as you did with sneak attack.

11. Reactions: We should have the Ready Action available as a reaction, maybe allow us to specify the condition (Specific enemy moves, casts, or attacks, ect) and it just behaves as an "overwatch" type of situation for whatever type you want to take, movement, attack, or spell cast (spell casting should require concentration, as indicated in the RAW).

12. Record the books we've read in the journal or log or something, I don't want to have to fish through my inventory looking for a book I may have forgotten to pick up in the first place (I'm looking at you, stupid temple puzzle) - but moreover, it would be nice to sit back and read the books at a convenient time, not when i'm in the middle of completing a quest.

13. Better inventory management - This engine has come quite a ways since Original Sin, but the inventory management still needs a bit of work - simple stuff like a keyring, and the afformentioned book storage would go a long way towards improving this, but also - allow us to filter by rarity, and give us a search option, if i'm looking for a specific item, I don't want to have to fish through four inventories to find it, just let me type the name in the box, and either hide or dim out all options except the ones that match the search.

14. Please, for the love of all that is holy - give us keyboard shortcuts for the bonus actions and actions we can take in combat - having to click that button every time is excruciatingly frustrating.

15. Give us information on more topics about the game world, not everyone is a master of DND lore, if my character hears about a diety, such as Selune, I should be able to easily find that information, give us a codex with common information about all of these topics, supplemented by an automatic one-time roll that adds whatever knowledge our collective party has on the topic.

That's all for now, I'll have more on my next playthrough.