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WOW, What a rush.
I have a whole list of bugs and things that are broken, But it seems like most of it is intentional. Like when the goblin "novice Bal used arrow of roaring thunder to resurect "novice puce". or when puce threw a grease potion that exploded like a alchemist fire for twice the size as normal. I also like how the gobbies can walk thru fire and acid without taking dmg or even making a save. Oh, and my favorite, when I cast burning hands the dmg hits the caster too, gotta love that one. And whatswith the necro dmg from dead ppl, do they really start smelling that bad right away? If you cant rez from far away your screwed. and mirror image doesn't work right, when an ogre mage (if you can believe that there can actually be such a thing) cast mirror image on himself, I was still able to hit him when each hit should have negated 1 image, and when he casted fire bolt on my wiz he casted 3 fire bolts and lost 2 images of the 3 he had. btw, its 1d4 images as I remember. at lvl 4 my wiz finally got a light spell (cantrip), But I dont think he is supposed to be able to learn cleric spells. But dont you dare take silence away from him now that he has it memmed. Pretty sure magic missle is wrong too, he should get 1 missle at lvl 1 and 1 more per every other lvl. But at least you got the gauranteedhit right,:-).

A few things I would like to have:
1. a hotkey for rotate camera, so I can run and steer the camera at same time.
2. please include the weapon crit range in the description, and please tell me scimitar still has 17- 20 crit range, and a heavy pick still does X4 on crit.
3. can I please have a flint and steel kit to light my torches.
4. and please allow me to carry my dead to camp so I can pay the zombie 200 gold to rez them.
5. Oh, and if your going to roll almost max dmg for your hits against me and roll almost minimum dmg for my dmg rolls, can I please have a trophy when I kick your butt anyway.

P.S. your gonna wanna send word to the goblin king to send reinforcements, I built a pyre he should be able to see with the last group. (-:

P.S.S Oh yeah, and my attack rolls have more 1's than your code, Hahahahahaha

Mirror image seemed fine to me, in 5e it's 3 images, not 1d4 images, and the images only dissapear if they get hit, a die is rolled to determine if you hit the caster, or the images (which results in a miss) - so basically, they only remove the image if you miss them.

You can use the middle mouse button to rotate camera, I am successfully able to rotate the camera while moving.