1. Keissa the Mouse - born into a poor family Keissa was far smaller then the children her own age and indeed younger then her, yet it didn't stop her from trying to prove she was bigger then others. At a young age she heard a strange voice calling to her in her dreams, as she grew older she activelly sought places away from others. By the time she was 15 she ran away from home chosing to live as a hermit away from all the noise of society. It was during this time that the faceless voice spoke again to her. This Voice was the mad whispers of the Old One, for 3 years Keissa learned to draw upon the Old Ones power, through meditation and a bit of luck. it was shortly after her 18th birthday she was abducted by Mind Flayers, and so her journey to rid herself of that disgusting parasite in her head begins. Well she succomb to ceremorphsis, will she find a cure? Will she fall in battle? What awaits her as she desperately searches for a cure? Only Larian and the Great Old One knows. Will she keep those that she currently travels with close? Or grow tired of them, and their ways? Will she find love? Again only Larian and the Great Old One knows. (oops forgot cleric Keissa was deleted so edited to what Keissa is in BG3.)

2. Brulk Bloodspray - Born to a smith father, and cleric mother. Brulk grew up on, or around Balders Gate ever drawn like many other dwarves to battle. Driven to reclaim the lost Clanholds of his fellow shield dwarves. Brulk was a single minded force hell bent on reclaiming at least one of his Clans former holds from the black blooded runts that reside within it. All this changed when he was captured by Mindflayers and impregnated in the worst possible way. Yet revenge was his after he was freed during an attack by at first unknown forces, fighting his way through the massive ship. Slaughtering any that dared stand in the way of his revenge. With Us beside him, and that annoying bat nose doing what ever the bloody hell she does, Brulk heroically and in true dwarven fashion wrecked that floating tentacle faced fools toy. Later Brulk upon finding squid breath, vanquished his enemy with a size 15 leather boot, spreading what passed as it's brains (fool didn't have one if it thought it could stop a dwarf with a silly tadpole in his eye.) across the ground.

Screw origin stories I just make mine up on the fly! Typed and thought and those are just 2 of my many characters backstory.

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