A few points after investing a few hours in the game. Note: i am aware its early acces so see the minuses given an positive feedback smile

1. The Camera angles are off some times in dialogues, going right in a wall sometimes.
2. Sometimes the dialogue starts but the mouths of the characters arnt moving.
3. The main player characters animation seems a bit stiff in dialogue, dont know how to better explain it. but it seems a bit unnatural.
4. No player voices during dialogue (will this be added in full release?
5. The persuasion dice rolls seem to be really tough, i was using a warlock with 18 points in cha en focus on persuasion and i was still failing more than 50%, it seems a bit overly harsh in my opinion.

1. Some death animations are off, and produce artifacts.
2. A lot of dice rolls seem te be below 10, i know its 50% chance but it feels a lot lower. Might be just bad luck on my side.
3. Party size of 4 feels too limited, 5 or 6 would be preferred, I played as as a warlock, so i would have do ditch a wizard straight away in order to keep the rogue.
4. Weapon types are not explained properly, crit ranges and such.
5. I highly dislike the inventory system, why use 2 pages when you can fit it all in 1, and keep a good overview at the same time. Divinitys system was better.
6. The looting of corpses could be improved, such as an auto loot function for all corpes in the area. (Such as Wasteland 3 or Pathfinder kingmaker)
7. The resting option seems a bit off, if you push the rest button in a dungeon you still end up at a forest, maybe a change of resting scenery would be nice smile
8. Able to replace a party member if the party is full in dialoge instead of the camp would be nice (as mentioned above here as well)
9. Some pathing issues seem a bit off, for instance i could not enter the side building at the burning house of the duke, but i could jump there.

And there are probably some more things i missed, but nice game so far smile


10. It would be nice to be able to integrate spells such as read thoughts and friends in dialogue, its hard to cast most of those spells because the dialogue starts before you can cast the spells most of the time.
11. Even though i rescued 2 people from the burning inn, the game ignores it. and will tell i dint rescue anyone after resting.

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