I fully understand the point, especially in light of the companions who are as edgy and diverse as it gets and the limited amount of notable NPCs you meet and general lack of background and Forgotten Realms fluff. The world building in EA seems very generic and the PC rather bland.

Other RPGs have done the same, like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series, for example. Your chars don't even have a name. They are the Vault Dweller, the Courier, the Prisoner. And you create the legend around them yourself, while the world itself plays the main part on the stage act until you reach that fame. I recall meeting these possessed bakers, fishermen etc. on the mindflayer ship and thinking that these have more story and background than the PC.

However, as others said, obviously that dream voice, the inside voice and the larva itself foreshadows some larger complications. But yeah, the first act, when compared to BG 1 and especially BG II is extremely lackluster. Just thinking of Irenicus prison and the story bits that unfold around him are menacing and intriguing. And being Gorion's ward gives you a purpose that has little to do, in the first act, with your pedigree.