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I feel as though even if they wanted to get across that you're no one special, they could still have done that in a way that helps ground you in the world and who they are more. Like give them a chance to stop and talk about their life before, so that you can get a sense that your character has some kind of history or background you can connect with. The dragon age games all do a better job with that concept; in all those games you play as someone who basically just happened to be at the right place in the right time but they were chock full of opportunities to feel the impact of your character's past while also giving you chances to define details of it and what you actually thought of your past.

I felt like this when playing yesterday, spoke to Astarion and asked about his history, he went 'Whyyy are you always bringing up the past!!!'. I had hoped this kind of question would lead to the companions having a follow-up question about MY character's past, would have been an opportunity to put some of the story I've made up for them into the game.

I understand it isn't possible to accommodate every single option in the game. However it felt clunky at the Tiefling party when suddenly all the companions want to sleep with you and none of them know basic and vital information about you e.g. favourite colour.