In the myconid village I became unable to save because the game thought I was mid dialogue. I'm not sure if the location is relevant, I attempted to quicksave after having spoken to a mushroom and 2 of the nonmushrooms and was given the message that I could not. It looked like glut tried to initiate a conversation with Shadowheart at the same time as my main character started one with one of the vendors. after I got out of conversation the conversation indicator was on shadowheart but it exited as soon as I switched to her, after that I was unable to save. I could start new conversations with her, I could not talk to glut however. Fast traveling, resting, leaving the area were all unable to fix this error and I had to reload from the most recent save.

The second time through glut spoke to me first and after that conversation I talked to the Dwarven vendor and I didn't get any error. I was able to save after. I imagine it was caused by simultaneously triggering conversations.

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