You know, I created this thread right before I went to sleep for the evening. My initial post was very "knee-jerk" reaction after playing the EA.

If you had told me when I woke up and I read the responses that I could agree with several of the counter points made here, I'd have said "You're crazy!" But here I am 7 hours later. There are several good opinions in this thread coming from both sides.

I am still very much in favor of having a fleshed out back story. I feel it is important in any narrative driven game. Especially one such as Baldur's Gate where the core of the story is driven by your characters and their aspirations.

One of the biggest concerns from what I'm seeing here is:

What you say as your PC is incredibly boring/unoriginal/lack of depth.

I will be listening to that podcast Stabbey posted earlier in a bit.

Can anyone else who played more comment on the following? (I've done one play through and then about 1/3 of another but don't want to do much more and get burnt out)

The character you dream of (your guardian angel let's say). I've ONLY noticed this storyline advance when you use your Illithid powers. I have not encountered it normally while just resting. Is this the case? Maybe I wasn't resting enough? But I definitely noticed it more the second time around where I was using my powers on everyone. Seemingly every time I went back to camp that evening, there was a scene regarding how I was feeling the tadpole take over and then had a dream about this mystery character. Is it designed to be this way? What if we don't use our camp/Illithid powers much? Will there still be a way to see this story/character? Some people genuinely conserve magic/abilities more than others and don't want to use camp after every other encounter.

Thanks for your very valid points, and keep the discussion going, I genuinely enjoy reading them.