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I was just about to post this. I cannot long rest without crashing

So it's not only me. Good to know...

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AAAGGGHHHH. I went back hours and reloaded an old save and tested the long rest. Well, it didn't crash, so I thought I was all good. I have started the "Save the Duke" quest so many times, which is where the save was (right before helping break down the door to start it). Went through, saved both people and looted everything, because why not. Haha. Well I went back to the fountain out front and clicked to end the day. Went to long rest, and crashed again. Seems to be some kind bug with the quest.

Is "Save the Duke" the Wakeen's Rest thing? I did that (saved both people and found the dead girl) a long time ago - way before doing the goblin camp. If it's problem with the quest - perhaps the Devs might help? I stopped playing since I can't long rest. I hope that someone fixes this soon....

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