Here goes my list of bugs, sorry, if some were mentioned before:

- Lots of beards have strange graphical glitches, like Gale and the man trying to save the mindflayer;
- the walls and webs paths had were blinking and glitching as I moved the camera in the spider cave;
- Had a crash when unequiping gloves mid combat;
- the ogre that speaks with you in the blighted village, sometimes just moved it's mouth, with the rest of the body rock solid, looking like a animatronic;
- the mercenary in the bridge had a lot of back flexibility when the dragon passed by, his animation was very strange, flex his upper body did a 90 degree angle when he looked up;
- in the village that was burning, the house to the left of the main building entrance, with the woman's body on the upper floor, I had to use jump to get to the stairs, because the game didn't let me walk to it;