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I think the minimum Larian should implement is the Pillars of Eternity Model. I've said this before on this thread, but during character creation, during the "Who are You?" There needs to be like a convo with the tadpole. Asking questions about your backstory.

I agree with this. Just giving a couple of options like:

- "Where were you born?": 1.Baldur's Gate 2.Waterdeep 3.Icewind Dale 4.etc.
- "How old are you?"
- "What's your favorite activity?": 1. Flailing innocents 2. Being one with Nature 3. Rescuing people, etc.

Just a couple of questions and answers for flavor. There's no need to go deeper than this because you're creating your character's personality as you adventure and you already have your Background from the character creator. Perhaps adding some small questlines to your selected Background would also help give your character some opportunity to develop.