"The character you dream of (your guardian angel let's say). I've ONLY noticed this storyline advance when you use your Illithid powers. I have not encountered it normally while just resting. Is this the case? Maybe I wasn't resting enough? But I definitely noticed it more the second time around where I was using my powers on everyone. Seemingly every time I went back to camp that evening, there was a scene regarding how I was feeling the tadpole take over and then had a dream about this mystery character. Is it designed to be this way? What if we don't use our camp/Illithid powers much? Will there still be a way to see this story/character? Some people genuinely conserve magic/abilities more than others and don't want to use camp after every other encounter. "

Yes, it is 100% tied to the use of your tadpole. In my first run, I didn't use the Illithid power ever and I did not encounter the person I dream of AT ALL. Since now I'm on a "tadpole run", it is amazing to see how different the camp scenes are depending on your use of the tadpole (and that I get to know the use of creating a second character, lol). Very happy to see the developers work here.