I posted on another Thread discussing a similar topic to which I've replied. I'm simply going to quote my response here as it's the same issue basically and feel like it could potentially work to add a bit of extra atmosphere to the game. Though, now that I think about it, I remember actually seeing this in the game when moving from the Grove to the Forest, for example. It's just a bit more subtle.

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Is it just a visual thing? Or does it affect gameplay?

Light influences how we perceive things. Those vampire encounters on a graveyard in BG2 were epic because they took place in the night. Comparable graveyard scene in D:OS2 was not memorable because it took place in the middle of the day or at least you would not have to time it and wait for the night.

I see what you mean and I agree with you on that. Lighting and effects can certainly enhance the mood and atmosphere. One way they could implement this feature would be through post-processing effects. I'm a huge Guild Wars fan and I grew up with that game and, because every map was its own instance, they didn't feel the need to implement a day/night cycle. Instead, they added these small post-processing effects throughout parts of the map, so that upon entering that area the sky would change to appear darker/brighter, red/green, etc., simulating the effects of day/night cycle or weather and enhancing the overall atmosphere. The feeling you got when all of a sudden the sky turned dark with clouds and in front of you appeared a skeleton necromancer was palpable.

It's not an expensive feature and I think this could work in BG3 as a workaround.

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