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I would house rule Spear into a finesse weapon too.

1. Why is Rapier the only d8 finesse weapon?
2. We need a two handed finesse weapon. Spear is the best candidate. Make it require Martial proficiency if it's "op" otherwise.
3. Who uses a Spear ever?
4. A High Elf Eldritch Knight with high dex who could throw the Spear and call it back would be really cool.

A two handed finesse weapon lol. You know what finesse means? Just as a reminder, finesse allows you to use dexterity instead of strength for damage on weapons which are very light. Go find a two handed weapon as light as a dagger or a rapier. Good luck with that.

The rapier is the only d8 damage weapon because it is the biggest of the finesse weapons.
Have you ever thrown a spear in your life? If you did, you must know strength is more involved than dexterity in the process.

A rapier isnt actually a particularly light weapon, it has a very similar weight to a longsword, but has a different weight distribution making it more nimble. But then DnD has to worry about stuff like class balance while history does not.

So yes its actually quite easy to find examples of rapiers of the same weight as longswords just looking at actual history. wink