First of all, BG3 will be a great game no questions on that, Larian is on a good path. This post is based on a “whatsapp” chat by 3 individuals aged around 33-40, so as you predicted from our ages we all played BG , Icewind Dale, Never Winter, Fallout, Wasteland, Pillar of Eternity, Dragon Age, DOS series and of course played tabletop DnD as well. We would like to share our options on both positive and negative aspects on what we saw on early access.


 Great Graphics (although color palette are too vivid on outside, indoors and underdark are amazing. Maybe day and night cycle can improve this)
 Great Storytelling (so far so good)
 Interesting Companions (we are looking forward to learn the story about them)
 Dnd 5ed. combat rules generally adapted good and it is fun to play
 Items are relevant and means something not only upgrade our damage output(it was the worst part of DOS2)
 Amazing sandbox approach, lots of ways to solve quests
 Level of humor in game is just right
 Interesting NPCs
 Level designs are great so far
 When you see Underdark you understand that the game is only preparing you to this dark wondrous world all along.

Players already had incredible feedback on negative aspects and we are mostly agreed on what they said. For not repeat already said things again, some aspect are too little explanations.

 Party Movement/Selection
This topic is the most important one. Following selected member path is not working. Unbound/bound characters are time consuming and irritated. Why didn’t you use the same mechanic that all other games did. If it is not broken why you change it. All the action we have to explore on the maps jumps etc. or on combat approach stealth positioning etc. need full control on party members. For example if you forget to ungroup characters and go for stealth some idiot follows you and BAM!, you are detected. Or you want to move to one area but forget to group your characters and some are stayed behind. Really frustrating. Please use the conventional method on that. Add a “Select all party” button and please left click to character select character not speak. Lastly if you could add the option to use the old BG cursor symbol it will be a nice touch and nostalgic =)

 Combat log ( too weak, need improvements. We want all the details!)

 Better UI ( need more information on spell, dice rolls, character sheet, proficiencies) We want all the details!

 Chance to Hit Percentage
Automatic calculation of chance to hit, is okay for newcomers. But for more experienced players on higher difficulty levels, chance to hit percentage must not be seen. As you know characters didn’t know AC of the beast or that enemy, maybe bestiary is a good addition to collect this information, their weakness or powers. (certain spell doesn’t affect etc.) Also with good combat log and additional information we can easily calculate what dice will hit what dice will not hit.

 Party speaking
Already many players debated on it but here is a quick example. I have a thief and a warlock talking in my group, and there is a lock that needs picking and freeing the prisoner, which one should try to unlock, warlock or thief ?
I think you try something new on current approach but you need to think it again and come up with a solution on this.
Maybe we can select some roles for the party members so that if a lock needs picking, the rogue would do it every time.

 Elemental Surfaces
This approach works perfect on DOS but not BG, please tune this. DND have so many spell and other mechanics it is not depend on elemental effects

 Cantrips
Same as surfaces, cantrips had no surface effect on Dnd, they are overpowered with elemental effects.

 Scrolls
I think it is a bug that every class can use them. Wizards use healing scrolls , clerics use wizard scrolls??

 Too Much Containers
Why? Not cool! It is like a lazy student choose big font size to finish his one page homework. We have too many thing to do in this game why we are wasting time to click every container. Wayyy to many containers, if a player have OCD he/she will be hospitalized.

 Inventory Management needs a lot of tuning. For example, after reading a note or a book, the inventory closes itself.
While equipping characters, you can equip wrong characters in the multiple inventory screen.

 Dice Rolls
We think roll dice calculation need revamp (added not deduct the bonuses). Also yes dice roll is important on our way to play but don’t forget we want to play on our decisions not all my choice determined by dice rolls. If dice rolls are interrupting my choices on all front what is the point. Some tuning need on this topic.

 Npc Dialog ( one liner dialog cut scene is unnecessary)

 Pathfinding (related with surface effect, need better pathfinding)

 Jump/Disengage/Shovel (very hot topic, we like its feel but it is overpowered. Need tuning, regards bonus actions usage and rogue aspect.)

 Party Size 5 or 6 member party will be perfect but we guess it is not possible to change it now =(

 Camping/Resting
One short rest per day is not enough, especially not enough regards to warlock spell system. However long rest is available at all times, this drastically lowers the game difficulty. Camping idea is a nice touch like dragon age, we liked it but it is irrational to teleport to camp whenever you want. There are good examples on other games, one of the best we think is pathfinders resting approach. Need some correction about on number of rests and how to rest on dungeon levels when you can’t have access to camp.

 Leveling
There is no information what will you get on next level. Character sheet is missing many information. Level progression must be seen easily. Again pathfinder has good example on that.

 Art work
DOS vibe is too much. Item icons, ui, type font can be change this vibe. Small changes can made great impact how it feels.

Thank you very much