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This is why I think a proper intro with some lore and background narrated over artworks or such would be far better than the generic (albeit good looking) CGI action scene we've got. Okay sure, I got kidnapped by mind flayers and they're fighting cool dudes on dragons, but... who am I ? What is the context of the story ? Where is this story taking place ? What about showing me a map of the world ? What about feeding me with something, anything, more than just "bad guys destroyed city bad" ?

Replay those old intros from BG / IWD... in a few minutes you get all you need to understand the story and your place in it.

Here, hours later in the story, I still don't know anything else about my surroundings and the context.

Yeah sadly thats whats bad about the intro for those that have never played D&D or do so only casually. Which is why I'm not opposed so strongly for or against having a preship scenero. Though that is alot of information to share. The area is vast and rich in history, with alot of naunces, and even contradictions. If you tried to cram in all the important details you'd have a book just from Balders Gates past it being one of the 'epicenters' of bad things happening, and Elteriel (the history here I'm not very familair with myself). Then I can see why Larian doesn't really want to share peeks into the story they are writing, for instance the dream person, they are seeking a cliff hanger, something for you to look forward to. If you knew dream woman/man was your brother, or sister, hated enemy, it would impact your reaction to them when you meet them. Maybe good, maybe bad. On the other hand (theres a golden band) it could also make you look even more forward to meeting that person.

Then theres Swen stating they are writing your story, which may mean they intentionally left your past open for you to decide how it best fits your character. Though this is disproved by every bloody one of your nongithyanki's being from Balders Gate!!! Then again this tidbit may impact the story as well. Stuff makes me think to much hurts my old noggin, j/k.