One of my larger concerns is narratively how it will all play out. I think anyone who has played DoS2 to a great extent can relate to this. I originally played DoS2 towards the start of 2018. At that point, it was officially released. Why I enjoyed it greatly, something about the narrative seemed a bit off when you hit the 3rd act (Arx) it went from structured (depending on how you got there) to kind of a mess. I didn't finish the game. I had a helluva lot of fun, but didn't feel a reason to keep going.

When Definitive Edition was released towards the console release, I gave it another go from the start. And found I had a lot more fun with the story. Structurally it was in much better shape because Larian didn't stop working on it. At that point, I started again from the beginning (but with an Origin character) and enjoyed a 125+ hour play through and saw the game to its completion.

And I'm seeing a lot of the former in BGIII right now. Between character interactions, and story beats at camp and so on. Structure seems to be very loose. And that could be because much of the game is still missing. The last thing I want to see is every desire from the player come true. Because at the end of the day, we're trusting (and I do) Larian to make this game. We're not making it. But I think all of us share one common thing. We all want it to be the best version of the game possible. I don't think anyone would want to wait an additional year after it's fully released to play a massively patched and restructured game again. And not everything we want CAN be added. Just due to time. Like Sven said, there's no please everybody.

We don't even have a scene of the PC (and/or possible companions at the time) of setting up a camp. We crash land head first (literally) to Fae'run and within 5 minutes (if you know where to look) meet 3 separate party members. And you go to camp and it's just magically there, waiting for you. Nobody comments on setting a camp up, or finding shelter, or so on. I get part of DnD is having a base camp, but usually the DM would set that up pretty descriptively, no?

For being a named sequel, there doesn't seem like a lot of reason for it. Again, right now. We're missing 75% (I know it's 3 acts, but I doubt the first act is wholly complete). Even though we're 100 years removed, we should feel like this is more or less the same world we were a part of.

There's a lot of jank right now. Some of it I think is intentional. Most of it will probably be polished to perfection by the time of release. I'm not overly concerned, but I think everyone has some reservations on such a big game.

TL:DR> I have a lot of faith in Larian. There's a lot to be ironed out, but I'm sure it'll get there.

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