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Lets look at Skyrim you have no backstory.. (besides being dragon born). But you are not in a party in Skyrim, the main story is your story. But here the main story is the story of all the companions - nobody is special in this regard- but the companion get a story and their own quests on top. The main character only shares the main story and gets nothing interesting from it. He is not even more important than the companions to the main story.

you get the brainbug story line ... if you use it to often (which I did not)... so maybe here is more that I didn't explore yet

Do you feel that anyone of the companions stories stand out more then the other? I can see that you feel the lack of backstory makes custom PC seem overshadowed by the companions maybe??

I feel I would be expiring more if I would have picked a origin character for a main. Right now I get 3 characters and a mercenary. Where I would get 4 characters if I choose an origin as main character.
Right now I am the boring one.