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I agree with most of the posts here. Basically the main character is being outdone by the companions on every level. This isn't good writing in an rpg in my opinion. The main story should revolve around YOUR character. It should be a personal journey and a way to make YOUR character grow. Instead we get four characters envisioned by a dev that are taking the spotlight, they can play theirs in their own single player game smile

That said I could kinda be okay with playing Astarion if I were given the option of making him female. Some customizing of the pre-made characters would go a long way to make it less their char and more ours.

ps. okay five characters, I keep forgetting about Wyll since he never talked and just showed up in camp one day. Wrong alignment so I didn't bother taking him along.

Yup, the player character just feels lacklustre in comparison. I actually like the idea of them not being 'special' like they were in BG1 & 2. Sharing the same problem with the companions is also good motivation to work together.

I agree with odesseiron81 regarding the camp, it should be shabbier to start with and maybe have opportunities to upgrade it. I especially want to know who put the bunting up.