Hello !

I'm currently playing the EA and I have had a few bug that I'd like to report.

About Will quest :

- When you meet the first goblin in the village, sometime you may oneshot the gobelin or just make his hp drop from 10 to 0, resulting in the goblin dying without asking you to spare his life. I dunno if it's intended, but it made it a bit impractical.
- After the goblin beg and talks, Will ask you to kill him. If you do so, the next time you talk to Will, he ll blame you saying he had no infos from the goblin, even though he talked with him first. Same result if you straight up kill the gobelin.

When you meet Bruthos :

- No conversation started. The gobelins were already hostile. After I killed Bruthos, I talked to his dead body. Will got infos, but in my journal the last update was still ''Will is mad because he couldn't talk to Bruthos). there was no special conversation with him afterward even though it's seems like an important part of the quest.

- Githyanki Dragon rider mouth doesn't move when you choose dialogue option to says the truth , in Lae'zel quest.
- During several dialogue, mouth doesn't move.
- I believe this is the ragdoll thing in the first post, but in some fight like against the githyanki, dead body stretch out and polygon go crazy.
- Initiative order is often wrongly displayed.
- Ethel (the hag) final encounter doesn't trigger. Have to reveal her with AoE and kill her to finish the quest.
- Dunno if its intended but the pathfinding of the character can be weird. They ll go in acid puddle, fire puddle , or whatever harmful surface instead of circling around. Also, when the shortest path is jumping , they may jump from a huge height instead of just circling (happened to me at the camp.
- Dunno if its intended, but sometime character will attack and interrupt your jump which is supposed to disengage you. A few time, enemy attacked me during my own turn and suppressed my own attack (might be a counter).
- Some enemies take like 5 seconds to decide what they will do during the fight, resulting in super long fight.
- Can't talk to Karlach about the accusation of the fake Tyr pally. The choice seems a bit restricted, being basically ''I'm with them, you die'' or ''I'll take care of it''. This might belong more to suggestion but I feel like it cool be cool to have talk options and not just the dead body clue.

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