I guess in my case I have a very hard timing filling that blank slate since I usually play a lawful evil persuasion character. I still don't see a reason why I should care about the thieflings but I don't see a motivation to wipe them out either. What's in it for me? A basket with food? Seriously? The goblin part idem, I need motivation to slaughter them all but since I'm evil there isn't one. And killing just for killing is 'stupid evil' in my book. So after playing EA I still have a blank slate. This was with a high elf rogue. The lolth drow cleric is getting a little more feedback from conversations and doesn't start as a Baldurian so that's good. Still I haven't reached the grove yet but I suspect I will hit the same problem there with her.

Edit: also the tadpole part. I didn't use it, doesn't seem very safe to me. I can't trust it, it might even turn me into a mindflayer. So that's even less blank slate content filled. The companions also get the tadpole convo's so once again companions are outdoing me.

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