Yes and no. Like you said, the character is looking to be more lawful neutral. This however is not due to any choice of mine. It is due to a lack of truly evil and rewarding alternatives. My character is power hungry, she doesn't care for monetary rewards (even less for a basket of food). She doesn't mind killing to get where she wants to be but randomly killing paints a target on her back. After all this is Faerun and there's those pesky paladins of Tyr all over the place (well they are supposed to be anyway) and combat comes with risks. Even goblins in sufficient quantities can prove to be a threat. My question is, why am I the main character? I could just as easily be a camp follower following the five companions around while THEY figure out how to remove the tadpole and I'll just tag along and get mine done while they're at it.

I think the main problem here is lack of feedback or options to being the main character. The main story line lacks a personal goal aside from getting that thing out of your head. You already have the tadpole in common with your companions but they have visible side stories and are getting feedback for it. You are not.