The custom character needs to have at least as much content as any one of the origin characters, that's, I think, the main point for people.

Even if that content ties to your chosen background, species, class etc.

i.e. Imagine my preferred character, lets assume they're an Elf, with the Background of Noble and they're a Wizard (Bladesinger - which I really hope will be added).

I might get some specific dialogue, and also some specific quests related to the fact I'm a Noble, perhaps the NPCs in the quest if they're related to my house will change species depending on mine but keep the same voices to avoid too much additional work, i could live with that.

Similarly, the fact I'm an Elf might give me some more additional unique dialogues and reactions from NPCs

Finally, my class of Wizard might have some linked quests, whilst my subclass of bladesinger might have a sidequest involving defending some elves or perhaps recovering an elven artefact, again the class may have some unique dialogue.

An important note: Origin characters should get none of the above, they should have unique stuff as origin characters, but not use the generic "elf", "wizard", "noble" stuff (which is part of where D:OS2 goes slightly wrong I suppose)

basically though, either I want something like above. Or yeah a special thing that differentiates the custom character as special in their own way like the companions each seem to get (e.g. Gales funky eating magic items stuff or Asterions daywalker vampire stuff etc)

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