To quote the post I made about what I'd want from a Baldur's Gate 3:

"The first two Baldur's Gate games centre around “Charname”, the games protagonist character. Charname is kind of a big deal. And because of this, as a player you always felt this was your adventure, your story.
Whilst I don't think it's possible, or even wise to try and continue the story of the Bhaalspawn. I'm still wanting Larian to provide a story with the same weight, the same personal feel that the first two games had. (Good luck with that!)"

I really think they need to let the player character and who they are be one of, if not the main driving force behind the story. I don't just want to be along for the ride, I want to -be- part the ride!

Sadly, the new companions make the player character seem insanely boring and bland. As much as I loved say Minsc or Edwin, I never felt that they were overshadowing my Charname, they complimented and enhanced.