My wish list :

- increased party size (5 is good,6 is better)
- less surfaces because I'd like this mecanic to be special, not usual (in every combat against every weak ennemies)
- improved UI so it looks less like DoS and/or more like a new gen BG (books, minimap, portrait, fast travel, character sheet,...)
- PHB classes and subclasses
- rework of the jump mecanic (exploit during combat, unfriendly during exploration)
- remove the chain mecanics and find something better
- more companions
- better reaction so we can really choose when to use them
- a better balance between combat/rest/spellslot/... (the fact that resting is too easy and too usual beteween 1 or 2 combat - add one more companion without any other changes could probably solve everything)
- real villages, inn and life in the world, but we only experienced act 1
- more magical items, because you only find items for a few specific classes/builds atm during act 1 (with a good balance because this shouldn't become "normal items"... I would love to find more magical items and less surfaces arrows/potions, spell items and being able to "dip" everything...)
- more epic music, especially during combats.
- the ability to roll caracteristic while creating my characters and/or the removal of the actual limitations (why can't I put 18 points atm or less than 8 ???)

Now what won't happen :
- D/N cycle with meteo effects/sounds
- RTWP option^^ (that was a sweet taunt, please don't react)

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