Tav McBlanderson feels overshadowed by the extreme uniqueness of those around her. Mind, I mostly love the companions. But who made Tav the football coach of first-string when my character still seems confused about the rules? (Maybe this metaphor doesn't work. I know nothing of football.)

It's not like my Tav is charismatic, or more powerful then the companions are. It's not even like they owe Tav for bringing down the ship or saving them--the first time I played, the cutscene of bringing down the Nautalin triggered with Lae'zel instead of my PC. Which was fine but . . . well, I guess my character really doesn't matter, does she?

In other games--there's a reason companions follow you, even if that reason is simply "I'm indecisive and power makes me squeamish" (see: DAO Alistair). Or, like in the original Baldur's Gate, the reason was that Charname was Gorion's ward. But I have no idea WHY all these characters with interesting backstories and special glowy hands and magical ex-girlfriends are willing to blindly follow and trust my custom character. It's not like Tav did anything special (outside my personal backstory for her, which she can't talk about). So why is the "Blade of the Frontiers" willing to be benched in the camp of an absolute nobody?

Letting Tav show some personality--backbone, wisdom, drive, whatever--would probably go a long way to making me feel more like she belongs in the world.

In another thread, I suggested letting us choose a few prewritten "memories" in character creation--small sidestories to give some depth to our character, and that could be brought up in dialogue. (What are some of your most vivid memories? Optional answer for warlocks: "Selling my soul by mistake after too many beers"). These could be mixed and matched to at least make Tav feel real? Or ignored, if you don't mind playing a "blank slate".

Because right now, the tadpole has more personality than my character.

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