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-normal longswords (they are too big) or make short swords longer.

The longswords are WAY too long, and the shortswords are WAY too short.

For me, I want Tiefling Tail options (None please!), and more spells in general from additional rulebooks.
I would like to see all the Elemental Evil rulebook be implemented, because currently, spell lists are looking pretty barebones and boring. There's no variety, and I find myself taking the exact same spells each time.
Like, why is Spiritual Weapon not in the game? It's in the Player's Handbook, and one of the best spells, if not the best spell to help Clerics deal some damage in combat. Having this of all things missing, feels sooooooo bad.

Granted, a lot of utility spells can't be used as they would on tabletop (which is fine, I wouldn't expect them to be), but combat spells can be. Things like Ice Knife/Tidal Wave/Erupting Earth can be implemented with ease, so I hope they do get added.
New races like Aasimar/Dragonborn/Genasi as well, would be nice.

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