I would just like to echo the post I made today.
Because I am sure it will be buried eventually.

Please for allow us to choose our starting armor and customize it in the character creation menu.

Yes i know the system is not complete, but basing myself on DOS2, I feel like character creation is severely lacking. Yes I would love to have more faces, hairs, tattoos or makeup. But thats not enough!
We need more body types (at least give us a muscular option), we need scars, visible jewelry, bandages, eye patches and... yes our starting armor sets as well.

If I choose a drow noble ranger why would he or she be wearing the same gear that a halfling is wearing?

Its a terrible feeling to appear in all those cool dialogue scenes wearing something that does not even remotely resemble something your character would have been wearing. And its even worse when you have to spend the entire game looking for gear that you think you should have originally been wearing in the first place. Its not like the mind flayers took all of our gear.

Maybe... allow us to choose among a dozen armors, maybe some of them could be race specific like drow or gith before we start the game?
Maybe to add even more variety also allow us to color them for more customization choice, games like ESO allow some texture editing, can something like this be made available?

Its a horrible feeling to spend the entire game hunting for gear that you feel your character should have started with as I mentioned but also thr same thing applies to Origin characters in a different way.

These characters start with some unique armor that makes them so unique and interesting. Its horrible that for gameplay reasons I have to replace their starting armor with typical armor upgrades and make them all look like each other or average. Feels wrong to replace Shadowheart's unique chainmail with something else just for a gameplay upgrade
Its like she loses a piece of her identity.

Why not allow us to make armor upgrades stats only so that we can keep Origin character looks unique with their starting gear.
Same could be applied for the custom characters!

And if a really cool armor is found we could just turn off the feature.
Please don't make me play the whole game looking for the visual look I want for my custom character or force me to make all the unique origin characters wear practically the same armor for gameplay reasons.

Thank you.