I have two issues I'd just like to bring up, I've not seen it mentioned elsewhere, but pressing space to end your turn when you're on a character should not end or pass everyone's turn. Example, my pc and an ally are fighting, our initiatives are the same (or similar, at the very least the two characters were next to each other on the turn order), I finish moving 50% on my pc, make my attack move, and now I want to stop and go to the next. I press end turn, my ally loses their turn and instead it's the enemies again. I don't want to have to go click on the portrait to change characters. This one is DONE, and I'd like to move on to the next, NOT stop both turns. At the very least, I feel a popup saying 'Are you sure? (insert name here) has not completed their action' to let me know I'm making a mistake that could potentially kill them. Secondly, dragging people into parties is horribly backwards. I want my PC to be the main one in a group, there are four pictures that need to be pulled together, in what order do I need to attach them to each other to get my PC to be the leader? With a little bit of messing around, it becomes obvious, but the point here is that it shouldn't be something that takes any time. Oh, my PC isn't leader, let me just drag them to the front. But no no, that's too easy, you need to pull your PC out and add them again. Another work around would be whomever I have selected should be the leader, not whomever the program has selected due to non-obvious rules. Finally, as a small addition (I didn't check and see if this is out there or not), Lastly, a complaint about the warlock class. I'm unsure if it never happens, but I have NEVER been able to move my hex to another target. I get that it does not say it in game, but it takes my ONLY spell slot at low levels, and does jack shit if the enemy dies too quickly. I understand this game is not 5E, but that is a mechanic that works very well with the warlock, and the fact that one of the most iconic warlock builds (eldritch blaster woooooo) is completely unviable due to a small change to a level 1 spell is.... sad.