The implementation of turn based mode made me revisit PoE2. I think it is fair to say though, that the game did not do a good job with its implementation of RTwP combat. Fights were either to easy and over way too quick or it ended in pure chaos.
Maybe this just burned me out when it comes to that style.
Although I do remember having fun with the custom AI settings in Dragon Age. So something like this would probably be ... interesting. You might not control them during combat (unless you switch to them) but you basically finetuned them earlier. But honestly I don't expect them to add something like this. Would be too much work to add afterwards.

When it comes to the big fights in and outside of the goblin camp. You can seperate them, but it is hard to do and in the end you still fight all of them. At least that is what I did because I wanted the loot, xp and blood! But in the end it is up to larian to design their encounters in a way to involve less combatants or break groups in smaller parties, maybe add scripted events so you can avoid fighting against reinforcments etc. Also, the spider matriarch is overtuned when it comes to additional spawns. Why not make it a swarm instead of multiple single spiders?

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