Just a few things. Real big fan of the game and can’t wait to see the final product come out!

An indicator or prompt that says your character is engaged or will pass by an enemy. I think there is a small red indicator at the enemy’s feet but not noticeable and easy to forget.

The drag and click UI for the inventory is slow/sluggish/doesn’t quite feel right.

BUG when passing my party by a group of people someone was damaging the NPCs causing combat to occur/prison.

BUG talking with the smith in Druid circle makes him appear below the house for some reason.

When inside structures if the roof goes away (to see inside) and you click to move don’t make it think you want to get on top of the roof.

When do floor effects disappear? went to camp to rest and came back a new acid was still around...

BUG Enemies are able to shoot through objects (if I’m on a cliff, attack and pull back, the enemy can fire a shot that hits me and I watch the arrow go through the cliff face)

Can you drag a body out of a hazard before reviving?

Why not more frequent auto saves? Or at least auto save on short/long rest.

If a container is empty don’t pop up inventory. You can still right click to open in case you want to put something inside but default is loot or find nothing. Too many closing empty container screens

Be able to pan camera down while still being zoomed out or make it easy to re-center camera

Elemental arrows seem expensive or make them multi use (10x)