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Yet they are following Taz McBladerson (sorry stole the name) because Taz is doing something, he's trying, he's making decisions that the others aren't sure of so hell let him take the blame, and if it works out all the better. If not they can bitch about it, and they do.

You're the second person to steal Tav McBlanderson's name, which I bestow freely. If that becomes a thing, and it's the only thing I ever accomplish in life, I would still die feeling fulfilled. (Full name: Blanky Tav McBlanderson).

I see what you're saying, although I suspect that if you play as Shadowheart or Lae'zel, you may lose out on the other as a companion, much like the pushback already faced with Shadowheart and a custom gith.

But I still can't get over the feeling that custom characters are just . . . there. It's fine if they're actually a bartender at the blushing mermaid who got swooped up by Mind Flayers. I adore underdog stories. But why is Tav McBlanderson the only, well, normal person? Every other companion's backstory is grandiose and unique (to comedic levels, despite my adoration of BG3's cast), that it feels highly unlikely that my character, no matter how cool she may be in my head with her backstory, is the one that these interesting people will point to and declare "leader!"

Potentially unique traits are hidden under generic one-size-fits all dialogues which I do, to some extent, understand given voice acting. But as an elder one warlock, I also seriously wanted to tell Wyll, "Oh, so you made a deal with a cambion? Let me introduce you to my patron, Cousin of Cthulu." Which is nothing more than class flavor, but would still give the illusion that Tav is in same way qualified to lead. If for no reason than her ife decisions are by far the worst.

Because you don't have to play as a decisive leader in BG3 (which I appreciate). You can play as a clueless chaos child who constantly changes her mind about things at the last minute, and yet Lae'zel will still wait patiently at your camp for you to decide whether or not to ever find the creche. I would just like to see the game mechanic justified by some spark of personality or backstory or anything in my character.

As it stands now, I can only assume that Tav's tadpole is actually Lord of All Tadpoles, and that the companions are being brainwashed into following her.

Your just the parties fall girl, simple as that. Their hoping you fail so they can take command, yet a small part of them is hoping you succeed. I mean look at Drizzt's crew why was Regis even in the first series about the companions?? he did pretty much nothing his one claim to fame was a magic ruby he snagged from someone. and yet people loved him, mind you they are currently locked up in a mental rehabilition center but still. (j/k) and at times he did step up to take the lead... very far and few, but he still did it and they followed...