Bugs I noted (Before the 13 Oct patch)
-Alfira does not have a lute in her hands until she begins playing her new version of the song in the dialogue, it quickly disappears afterwards as well.
- Goblins standing on the roofs in blighted village are visible, but the roof cannot be seen unless a character is outside of the builidng. This makes it extremely difficult to find the holes in the roof to hit them, but they can easily hit you.
- In the blighted village the house with the cellar, characters will slide off of the roof taking damage. In the same building when clicking on certain items the character will run up to the roof and then fall down rather than going to that item. Even if it is right in front of them.
- In the cutscene with Jeorna and Marricko, Jeaorna, the bear, and Mino had white glowing balls instead of bodies at times. Especially during the wild shape.
- After clicking on the zoom out button for the mini map there was a brief time where the scroll wheel would primarily zoom in and out of the mini map and any extra scroll would then move the primary screen in or out. It was eventually fixed by pressing on of the zoom buttons again on the minimap
- I deceived the ogres into giving them 1k gold for their help against the goblins. I called them into the fight in the blighted village and once I had killed the last goblin they demanded payment. I tried lying again offering 2.5k, failed, and then told them I didn't have the money. They then just ran away.
- When visiting Aunt Ethel in her home, a prompt triggered with a human tag, but I am playing a halfling.
- The fight with Aunt Ethel commenced when I walked through her fake fireplace. She broke the illusion then fled, I filed all my characters into the small room behind the fireplace and the redcaps repeatedly skipped their turns as if they couldn't find me. The sage came straight for me and 1 other staggered forward a little at a time until I came out.
-The camera visual behind the fire place requires you to be zoomed in beneath the height of the ceiling or else it just shows a blank room, though you can highlight your characters.
- When Aunt Ethel appears in her lair and confronted me, she never triggered the fight. This allowed me to sneak attack her from behind until she was down to 24hp, when she finally aggrod and triggered the fight.

- I would like the camera to go all the way across the map, not be held a certain distance from the player.
- When jumping there should be an indicator as to how much damage you are going to take, if any. And if no damage will be taken, NPCs in your party should automatically follow you and make the jumps.
- A way to sell all your wares instantly, at the very least a faster way to transfer them to the selling list than dragging.

Still loving this game!