In future, I'd love to see some kind of fighting pits / arenas / colluseums content added into the game as a optional activity. Again, emphasis on optional activity like building a camp / base, gathering optional followersor / companions.

I'd like to see it include:
- The XP gain should be balanced, obviously, but ultimately considered seperate from the progression of the game. It would be an entirely optional thing & something to attract the murderhobos away from peaceful places just trying to get by in the world
- This optional activity should be seen as something that can be built over time, something that attracts spectators and builds a reputation.
- As reputation grows, you'll be allowed to participate in larger / more official / private venues for more rewards as you progress through all the acts in the game
- Design this optional activity in such a way that, once each 'venue' has been 'completed' / 'fully build', there is replayability and rewards
- A reputation system that allows you to fight stronger enemies, earn rewards and earn titles
- Consider different challenge types: Solo challenges (Duels), Team challenges, Free for alls (colluseums), etc
- The arenas should be large, interesting, diverse, >> CHANGING << and as random as the teams
- Maybe even some token PvP options?

If implimented what I don't want to see is:
- some static quest line type thing where it's just another boring linear kill x teams to complete

Final thoughts:
One of the issues I have with previous DoS games, and by the looks of things BG3, is that every encounter is static and planned. One way to combat the lack of 'encounter predictability' is to create a scenario where you can balance control and 'randomisation'. The added bonus here is that you can weave this optional activity into all of the acts in such a way that players feels like they're building their reputation and fame as a gladiator as well as a way to earn xp in a fun way that doesn't resort to murderhobo antics

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