-Party size 5
-Hold Action (proximity command: Target spell cast at ground, character waits and casts when trigger zone is breached)
-Disengage costs and action, Hide costs an action
-Duelist fighting style works with shield rather than only if off-hand is empty-
-Cunning Action restored to its glory
-Defend command
-Grapple Command (even if they decide to keep shove as bonus)
-I kind of like object interaction being a bonus action, especially with all the items in game.
-Standing up while prone no longer cost action, only movement
-Jump no longer cost action, only movement
-Firebolt matched to 5e stats (with capacity to ignite flammables but not every surface imaginable)
-Create Bonfire/Produce flame added to fill role of 'fire surface coverage"
-Dual wield rapiers and no other arbitrary limitations on which finesse weapons you can dual wield
-Ability to pour potions down allies throat while they are down (serve potion to allies)
-Disguise Self allows you to mimic humanoid "monster" races like Goblins/Bugbears

-Xanthar subclasses
-Half-orcs (that death save is going to make so many players happy)
-Githzerai (for the statblock)
-Feral Tiefling (Fly command similar to imp, can be level locked like other racial features sometimes are)
-Eladrin or Shadar-kai Elf (misty step elves)
-Human Variant (the infamous level 1 feat monster)
-Ghostwise Halflings (Since Rangers are looking nice, how bout some more ranger races)
-Xanthar Spells (Zephyr Strike, Toll the Dead, etc)
-Xanthar Warlock invocation
-Xanthar Feats
-SCAG cantrips (Booming Blade/Green Flame would feel great in this game)

Specific desired subclasses
Celestial Warlock
Wild Magic Sorcerer
Shadow Magic Sorcerer
Oath of Conquest
as many monk sublclasses as possible minus boring Kensei (yea... I said it)

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