• Classes: Bard and Monk, hands down.
  • Features: A more expansive Character Creator. Sliders or better looking presets, hair styles. More effeminate looking men (and even buff looking women). More Companions to choose from. Also looking forward to sex. Not gonna lie. A dynamic alignment meter. I'd like to see how my actions and choices would affect my character's alignment. I agree with the option to hide helmet. Increase party size to 6.
  • Spells: Hexblade. I like playing Warlock.
  • Fixes: For casting things like Thaumaturgy to actually work outside of battle. It's supposed to assist with charisma checks (skill proficiencies) but it didn't -do- anything. Summoned familiars/beasts scale with player level. If a character initiates a cutscene after a battle, for it to automatically go to my main character and not the last person in my party that dealt the killing blow.

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