Feedback, issues on Stadia

- Misty Step, didn’t go above in elevation (>15 ft) in fight against three ogres, which sort of breaks usefulness for gaining tactical height advantages
- Excessive voice actor audio echoes within Druid Grove
- Odd visual triangle Glitch when I did thunderwave when saving Lae’zael on Tiefling
- Tool tips don’t show up on most Stadia controller prompts (character level up, character pickups, looting, hex spell, etc)
- Every time camp fades to sleep, everything disappears as I see character floating on sleep mat. (May want to turn screen black or fix this phase out for improved immersion.)
- When I knocked Nettie out unconscious (didn’t want to kill her), was locked in the druid hidden library for an hour and unable to apply find antidote too. Searched and searched but was unable to exit or find the way out. Had to reload earlier autosave