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Brand new to D&D 5th Ed. Here I am trying to wrap my head around the rules. The very first enemies you face, Imps, and the Gith is hitting for less then 4 DAM with a STR of 17.

How does that possibly happen?! I'm super confused.

Oh, turns out they have slashing resistance. (Figured that out on my second playthrough.)

Yeah, maybe don't do that.

Having a high STR stat in 5e doesn't necessarily mean you'll be doing tons of damage. Your strength modifier helps add to your chance to hit and the damage you do, sure, but if you roll a 1 for your damage having a +2 from STR is still only going to net you 3 damage. Damage in D&D is a roll of the die, I've gotten natural 20's (a critical hit) in BG3 and then the damage was still pretty low because the way BG3 handles the crits is you get double the damage dice, so a weapon that does 1d6 damage will roll 2d6 instead, but that still means you could end up rolling really low damage.