1) The beginning of the fight with Zagdha, when the shadow druids un-wildshape, their bodies do that strange morphing/stretching business that sometimes happens when NPCs die, along with floating heads/necks.. Suitably scary of course, but probably a bug.
2) Going back to camp and switching Astarion for Wyll, I get sent to the phase spider nest rather than back to wherever I was when I camped. This is repeatable across multiple attempts and saves.
3) Despite killing that lying scumbag of a goblin boss at the windmill (and all his dirty little compatriots), the quest marker for hostile goblins quest remains. Yes i cut down the deep gnome.
4) Some of Wyll's interactions with Lae'zel do not have pauses- his initiation, her response, and his response all overlap in audio and text.
5) Destroying (some) war drums does not seem to prevent them from being used. In particular, the one just before the worg pits, and one of the ones near the priestess