Oki, so, started another play-through, got to see some minor things before it crashed. On the good side, a lot of the cinematics are loading faster and have less issues, specially the first few on the nautiloid. The things I encountered where:

Lip synch is still not working in some parts, mainly
  • Lae'zel's when you meet her at the nautiloid
  • The Tieflings who have Lae'zel in a cage, and Lae'zel's lips again
  • The Dead dude in the ruins whose name I thoroughly forgot, his lips wont move during opening dialogue

When you finish dialogue with Shadowheart after you first meet her, her avatar will duplicate behind herself in a T pose. Didn't manage to get a print, it disappears shortly after.

Most weird of all, during the fight at the gates of the Druid's grove, when the goblins killed one of the three adventurers (the female) she exploded, forming a tent over everything and making things very difficult to see.
[Linked Image]

After the battle ended I changed tabs to upload the print from the glitch, the game stopped working and crashed.