Honestly I never use a linked party in BG3, unless I'm just moving through in an already cleared area. Or have to go through an instance door with full party.
Would be suicide to move with the way is set up.

I control just a single character, rest is parked one by one, in stealth, somewhere safe. Then after the scouting ahead is done, I move them one by one. Takes very long, it's really like a chess game, just way slower.

Feels like hard work to move everything right, but there's no other way. Once I was lazy, coming from camp and the game joined them in a party, and I moved toward the swamp area, where of course was a trap in the water. Then couldn't move them away at all because they were stuck at different times and their health started going down fast, so had to un-chain and save them one by one.
After that had to go back to camp to heal. So learned my lesson: never move all at once.