I play solo 60 hours and no bugs for me,
My thoughts to improve the game:
-« push »action is too strong and i think need to be adjust with the strenght of the charachter(a mage pushing a troll 20 feet away not really RP,but it’s fun😚)
-the fact that the player can see behind a door never open before not RP too.
-Character creation tools:possibility to create old or fat characters can be a good thing.
-Need one clic button to manage inventories and skill bar.
-Need a little more Stuff variety(weapons,armour,accessories).
-Need XP gain for finding pacific solutions in dialogs(today we level up faster when we choose to kill everybody)
-Adjust all damages(potatoe in the face can make more damage than an arrow,barils too OP....)
-camera fixes in the little rooms
-Mini map and quest mark improvements.
These are my wishes,
Keep doing a great job 😉