• Missing ability to zoom out more. In many cases I wish to zoom out more to get more or less a top-down view over the whole battlefield.
  • Missing ability to move via the map - click on the map and group moves there by fastest route.
  • While in map-mode (M) panning mouse to the corners should move the view on the map.
  • By default I want to select a character by clicking on it (instead of then interacting with that character). Interacting could be an option by right clicking on them. Character selection is something that happens all the time.
  • Q and E buttons should be standard for rotating camera to the left and right respectively. The standard setup now requires a mouse with 3 buttons, which in many cases involve pressing the center wheel which is cumbersome.
    In dialogue, pressing space should forward you to the next dialogue, but not make dialogue choices for you. If the dialogue requires player action space should not work.
  • When a skill is selected (attack, jump etc.), pressing the esc key should deactivate the skill instead of bringing up the menu.
  • All characters should share inventory for ease of play. Ideally there should also be a more seamless transfer from inventory to character equipment. For instance, showing a character at top with full inventory at bottom, with a button to change which character is shown at the top.
  • During character creating you should first choose class, then race, then background and finally appearance. It is very unintuitive to start with background and left me confused.
  • During character creating, the romantic interest screen should be toned down. It was so extensive I thought the game glitched and started creating my character again. There is also something very odd about going into detail about what the character might fancy. It should be enough to choose race and gender imo.
  • When leveling a spellcaster, it should be clarified what are spells known and spells prepared. To simplify and avoid confusion you could even remove spells prepared from the level up screen since it doesn't stricktly have anything to do with the leveling up (=it can be changed afterwards).
  • When moving out-of-combat, the party should avoid dangerous environment by default. It is annoying when someone suddenly dies because they walked over fire or some attacking grass when they could just walk around it.
    There should be a toggle for having camera move with the selected character, or only move manually by player action.
  • Currently actions are boxed in three areas at the lower part of the screen, but it is not grouped logically. Apparently it is now attacks to the left, "standard abilities (like hide and push) in the center and special abilities to the right. It would be a lot more intuitive to have actions on one area, bonus actions in the next, and customized buttons to the right (for instance if a player wants a mix of bonus action moves and standard moves there. It should also be easy to move around buttons within each group so to have the most used buttons clustered for example.
  • Since you may have some sway over Stadia, please make them support keyboard and mouse on Chromecast and allow for dynamic resolutions on a computer (as in whatever resolution the computer supports). I now have a choice of low resolution on my mac (which can run double resolution normally) or on my projector, but then I have to use a wonky controller.
  • The ability to customize item appearance would be most welcome, to avoid ugly looks because a good item happened to have graphics that dont suit the character. Could be a spell (prestidigitation?) or an NPC doing the work.
  • There should be a «hardcore» gamemode where you cannot load except to get back where you left when you quit the game.