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I disagree completely.

Six players would slow down combat.
Not only would you be adding 2 more bodies on the players side you would need to add additional monsters to make combats challenging.
Six players could mean as many as 6 more turns for combats and that's just too much.

You really need to explore the backgrounds in 5E. A dedicated thief is no longer necessary. With the Urchin background you gain proficiency in both stealth and Sleight of hand which allows any Dex character to sneak and pick locks/remove traps.

There are lots of options, and the smaller the party the more re-playable the game and the more strategy you have to employ.javascript: void(0)

There has been no combat in Early Access that I've thought that I needed two more characters to be more effective

Six players would slow down combat, decrease re-playablity, and lessen the strategy required to succeed.
That's a hard no from me.

(If it's something you folks truly want you can Mod it in after full release.)

I could not have said it better. I agree 4-man party should be where it is at.

Read the topic please.
=> combats would be faster if you don't add ennemies. You don't have to add ennemies. That's not primarily how you balance a game difficulty.
=> it would increase replayability because you'll have way more possible combination. That's mathematics.

That's facts so please, try not to base your thoughts on invalid arguments...

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