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So don't play in a 6 man party. What he's advocating for is the ability to do so. I think you're both shooting down the idea in spite of the fact that the game will be balanced around 4 people anyway so your experience wont change

If you balance the game around 4 characters but allow a party of 6, everyone will have 6 characters in their party anyway, and this would make the game too easy. If you want to go that route, it makes more sense allowing this option with a mod instead.

If the combats would scale their difficulty automatically based on party size, I think the option of 6 is fine. That being said, it's a tall order for Larian, which makes me doubt they will take this route:
  • Balancing this system would be very work intensive
  • Companions are very well fleshed out. Having to add more is once again very work intensive. And allowing hirelings just to fill out a party of 6 seems... odd.

If people feel combat is too hard, that is a different problem in my opinion. That does not necessarily need to be solved by adding more party members. It could instead be solved by making the encounters easier.

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