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1. Convo with Aunt Ethel in her shack as a Drow - [Human] Dialogue options pops up (Screenshot) Drow Aunt Ethel Human Dialogue

2. Shadowheart shows the same dialogue option twice in one dialogue round: Shadowheart Dialogue options 4 and 5 same

3. When you met BG3's "The Witcher"/Gur and Astarion is in your group and you later talk to him about it, the ensuing dialogue is like he wasn't there (saw this s/o else posting, had the same experience, this is to confirm; forgot to screenshot)

4. Similar bug with Gale: I had his "epic" coming out talk (where he shows you the contents of his heart) with him before he asked me to trust him and supply him with artifacts. In said second convo he acts all secretive although he already told me everything. (again, I forgot to screenshot)

5. The phase-spider-matriarch-fight starts while one of the normal phase-spiders is one level below me and can't see me (that one initiated combat). Apparently, it can look through walls. Screenshot:Phase Spider Matriarch with X-Ray

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