Putting something I recently found in a different thread which I forgot to add in my original post and is honestly one of the biggest problems with the game so far.

Atmosphere: The atmosphere for the game is wrong. The entire time playing through EA, it felt like I was taking a stroll with my characters through Barbie Pony Island. Everything is so shiny, round and cartoony. Even the UI interactions and the cursor are way too "childish" for Baldur's Gate. That style worked for DOS because it was a light-hearted jolly goofy game, not so much for Baldur's Gate. Baldur's Gate should have a more mysterious and dark theme about it.

Overall visibility and camera action: Too many things are revealed that shouldn't. Example: One of the first battle encounters you find in EA, in the ruins, after you beat the guys outside and get inside the building, you are greeted with a dungeon. You find yourself in what looks to be an old and abandoned building made of stone, poor lighting and close quarters. The room you enter is empty (or can have that one dude in there if you successfully deceive him, but that's beside the point here) and you feel the urge to explore this new and exciting place. What could lie ahead? Look, there's a door there after some steps... I say we light a torch and go see what we can find behind it "OH CRAP! We just walked into a bandit camp we're screwed!". Right? NO. Because as soon as you enter the building, the f*cking camera shows you everything, including the 5 guys behind a closed door... Well, there goes the whole fun about exploring this place.
The game is not mysterious or exciting. It's predictable and sucks the fun out of exploring, which should be one of the most important things to do right in a game like this. Even *hidden* passages... Walking about in a cellar and "oh look, the camera is showing me an entire cave network behind this wall...

Even the underdark feels like I walked into a candy shop with the lights turned out during christmas. It's dark but you have all the lovely pink and purple sparkly decorations that an 8 year old girl decorated. The spider/ettercap cave was done much better than the underdark for example.

This was done right over 20 years ago in the originals. If the character cannot see something, it should not be revealed.

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