Can't reach weapon on some weapon racks, says 'out of reach' when you're clearly in range and standing next to it.

When talking with 'Karlach' (1st encounter) a lot of her animations bugs out. (Crossbow dissapearing, her head spinning around, animations stopping midway).

If you start lockpicking after a previous failed attempt then the "failed" message will hide and delay the next attempt's of a lockpicking progression.

Getting stuck in indefinite combat when Rozzak (goblin inside goblin camp) won't end his turn after banging on some war drums.

The 'Powerful Tome' quest-marker seems to get stuck on your minimap location you zoned/logged in on.

Models getting stretched out at death.

One perticular ladder in 'The Risen Road' doesn't work (character climbs up and then immediately down).

You can give Gale the 'Iron Flask' artefact from 'The Missing Shipment' quest even though you haven't opened the chest, and you can give him it infinite amount of times (it doesn't deplete his conversation option though).

When activating the two pressure-plate chairs in 'The Risen Road' tollhouse(basement) it keeps continuosly going down and up, as if getting activated and then deactivated right away.

The "Moon" puzzle inside the 'Defiled Temple' seems to be a big bugged as some of the moon slots dissapears and doesn't change.