First of all, I want to express my gratitude to the Larian team for the great job so far. Every minute from the 24h play trough of the early access I enjoyed immensely! I am excited to see what the game will be on release!

The character I created was a female drow, a cleric of Lolth with a random non elven name Loreia. I decided to adhere to a canonical depiction of drows as chaotic evil and use every dialogue option that would representative to a lifestyle and principles of the drow society. I was amazed that the game not only allowed me to kill neutral NPC and even potential companion (Shadowheart was murdered cold heartedly just after my char met her), but also that in many dialogues there was an option that had a drow specific tag - either [drow], [evil cleric], [Lolth-sworn]. But even more than that, a lot of NPCs acknowledged that they are talking with a drow and were scared, like goblins, or full of hate, like elves. Destroying the druid grove was totally an option, as well as killing Minthara for betraying Lolth!

Animation bugs/Graphics
* Corpse glitching (probably was already fixed)
* The dude on the torture rack in the goblin fortress - what's wrong with his legs! laugh
* Sometimes it is hard to control the camera during fights in interior areas with verticallity, such as goblin fortress.
* Fog and smoke are a bit glitchy, which is spottable in dialogue cinematics.

Game mechanics
* Battles that have more than 5-7 enemies are painfully slow. AI often can't decide what to do, then do nothing. Party members sometimes glitch - not possible to move or select ability to use, even though it is their turn.
* When Gale consumes a magical item it does not disappear. For example - the Sword of Justice was equipped by Laezel, but when I selected in the dialogue option to give it to Gale, the sword was still equipped by the githyanki.
* After entering auntie's lair the second time, she was not seen around. But after a while she spawned, but it was not possible to even talk with her.
* The battle with the auntie that ended with choosing to get the power and leave the girl to the hag, resulted in hard crashes, when trying to select the main character.
* Bringing the blue flower from Underdark (the one that blocks all magic) did not stop auntie from creating copies. Not sure if it is a bug, yet it was possible to bring the flower from the Underdark using a pouch.
* After killing BOOOOAL and being accepted as a goddess it was not possible to give orders in the dialogue.

* Slightly better visibility of caves and other areas of interest. Sometimes hard to spot.
* More race/class/alignment specific tags in dialogues.
* Swtiching between party members in dialogues, and party members expressing opinions during dialogue.
* More companions if possible. Gales seems to be higher moral standard than a drow, thus need an evil mage in the party.