+1 for native Linux support.

Larian should really say something about this - a "NO" should suffice, and we will not waste breath on this any longer. I am a big RPG fan, and an even bigger BG fan, but sometime along the years I also became a GNU/Linux user. Probably because of the datacenters I manage. As a gamer... I got tired of wine in the WoW Cataclysm era and I swore to the gods that I will not play a single damn game if it is not built for my OS. I still keep my promise: I didn't buy DOS2 and I will not buy or play for that matter BG3 if it is not natively on GNU/Linux. Pretty sure no one at Larian will cry over my 50 bucks; but to this day I still not played another single Blizzard game, though I certainly made sure to constantly bash a company that uses FOSS all over the place and has a Linux client that they won't release. And look what has become of them :-D See?

LoL never mind the rant. But sorry, too old to help increase the Win quota of games.

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